Who are we?

“We are better than a Royal Flush”

Founded in 2013, Flush Arcade is new to the Australian game industry. 

Our games are creative, innovative and most of all ideative, compatible for all IOS and Android smartphones and tablets. We love our games and we love to entertain, the passionate drive behind our company is what keeps us unique. Check out our full list of Games to experience your best hand from any game of poker.

Key Staff

Gulliver Vianei (Line Art Studios)

Art Director of Illustrations

Gulliver is the guy who takes care of the art direction of Line Art Studios the lucky ones who started producing the arts for the Flush Arcade! Gulliver is a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialisation in Animation, he has already done illustrations for several countries and currently commands the production of a team of 15 artists of his company Line Art Studios company formed 3 years ago by other crazy artists.

Sam Parkinson

Content Editor, Digital Marketing Manager

Flush Arcade’s very own Eye of Sauron. Sam sets his watchful eye(s) across the valley of Flush Arcade, making sure everything is looking tip top. Once satisfied he’ll make sure you’ll hear or see Flush’s glorious work, whether that be a game review from one of our cracking writers, or the latest development news from one of our own games!

Michael Williams

Programmer, Owner

The entrepreneur, the owner, whatever you want to call him, Michael is the brains behind the company. After completing a bachelor in Computer Science and studying film composition at Berklee College of Music, he is now ready to combine his crazy mind for an adventure in gaming.

Vikash Jha

Designer, Cartoon Illustrator & 2D animator

A cartoonist, designer and animator… Yes that is Vikash, a man of multiple wonders, could he be the new Walt Disney? With a degree from the Institute of Fine Arts in India, Vikash has published designs for over 100 mobile games.

Games by Flush Arcade