Burn everything with Castle Burn for iPhone

Burn everything with Castle Burn for iPhone

Are you ready for the latest in strategy? Castle Burn is an absolute cracking game making waves on the app store. Just last week in the New Games We Love section on the iOS store, we downloaded this recommendation that has left us hooked.

Game Play

Castle Burn game play

Like any strategy game, the game play is super addictive. We recently took the paths of heroes Jeanne and unlocked another Leon.

All players must begin on Tier 1, only able to purchase archers and vikings. As battle proceeds, we unlock higher tiers and increase our collection of cards to strengthen our army. Like tiberian in Command and Conquer, we gather Mana, a blue crystal that allows us to buy cool stuff. Even better, we can also build upon Mana mines to increase the speed of mining, allowing us to increase speed of production with our base and infantry.

Let’s walkthrough some different pieces of game play:


Tier 3 units are more ground-breaking than tier 1 and 2 units. In battle, you must unlock tier 2 & 3 before purchasing that level of tier’s infantry.


You collect cards as the backbone for your forces. Having a card enables you to deploy that unit on the battlefield. We can also collect duplicate cards to upgrade units. Cards are also categorised by tiers.


In order to build infantry, we must build barracks to host infantry, to build a lot of infantry, we build a lot of barracks. The better the infantry, the more mana they cost. Make sure you save your mana for the better troops, especially when we unlock tier 3.

Infantry can be broken up into types:

  • Tower
  • Ground Unit
  • Spell
  • G Unit
  • Air unit
  • Rare card (ooohoo baby)

Rare Cards, G Units, and Air Units are the troops you want to aim for, they are the most powerful.

Infantry Tiers

We also classify Infantry into three tiers:

Tier 1 infantry

Tier 1 Units List:

Archer Tower – Tower
Cannon Tower – Tower
Goblin – Ground Unit
Viking – Ground Unit
Archer – Ground Unit
Bomb – Spell
Shield Mouse – Ground Unit
Cat Mage – Ground Unit
Fire Pillar – Spell
Watch Tower – Tower
Demon Blood – Spell
Poison Mist – Spell
Elixir Of Grace – Spell
Bomber Mouse – Ground Unit
Eye Of Insight – Spell
Core Of Winter – Spell
Isabel’s Grimoire – Spell

Tier 2 Unit List: 

Ogre – Ground Unit
Berserker – Ground Unit
Rifleman – Ground Unit
Hammer Warrior – G Unit
Sorceress – G Unit
Ballista – Tower
Amazon – G Unit
Frost Mage – G Unit
Goblin Rocketeer – Air Unit
Airship – Air Unit
Catapult – Tower
Imp – Air Unit
Harpy – Air Unit
Assault Rhino – G Unit
Earthen Rage – Spell

Tier 3 Unit List:

Dragonslayer – G Unit
Minotaur – G Unit
Goblin Tank – Ground Unit
Tower Of Doom – Tower
Griffin Rider – Air Unit
Arcane Tower – Rare Card
Golem – Ground Unit
Dragon – Air Unit
Wendigo – G Unit
Lich – G Unit
Valkyrie – Air Unit

The noobs ideally will just send any units out as fast as possible, but the more advance players hold back and group troops to complement each other. Good strategy involves combining ground units with tower troops, or ground units and G units. Test out what combinations are the most powerful.

Below is a sweet hero guide taken from the Castle Burn Website.

Hero Guide


Jeanne is a knight captain. She deal more raw damage than any other hero, and can inspire courage in her nearby allies. She fits well into aggressive strategies.

Skill: Increases her movement speed and attack speed for a period of time.


Leon the conqueror defends his allies to his last breath. His daunting size and sturdy shield make him the hardest hero to fell. He excels at defence, and his ability to draw fire makes him a formidable distraction

Skill: Decreases the damage he and nearby allies take for a period of time.


Her love of fighting against powerful opponents brought her to this land after she heard of the Crown League. She now displays her mighty bow skill.

Skill: Quickly readies multiple arrows and attacks nearby enemies with alarming speed.


Originally a young priest who worshipped the god of lightning, Gruvo left his temple in search of a more active way to serve. Now, he wields two hammers while smashing his way to victory in the name of the god of lightning.

Skill: Calls down lightning in a target area that damages enemies in proportion to his own damage while stunning them for a period of time.


Merham the Great hurls fireballs from a moderate distance. Unlike Jeanne and Leon, Merham’s fireballs damage flying enemies as well as grounded ones, and their area of effect can devastate clusters of weaker enemies.

Skill: Calls down meteors in a target area that damage enemies in proportion to his own damage.

Lana, Princess of Hope

Once a girl who enriched others with her singular cheerfulness, Lana changed after the assassination of King Humphrey, focusing all her energy on plotting revenge against Leon. Now she and her military are prepared to fight for the late king.

Skill: Gradually restores the HP of nearby allies for a period of time. During this time, she cannot move or attack, but she can cancel while casting.

Nalyn, Envoy of the Forest

After receiving revelation from the Yggdrasil, Nalyn emerged from the forest and decided to take part in this league in order to determine whether the new king will protect or destroy her homeland.

Skill: Deploys a sapling in the target area that attacks nearby enemies.

Osborne the Black Bear

Although once a prince, he found himself living as a vagabond after his kingdom was destroyed. Now he joins the league in hopes of becoming a greater conqueror than his sworn rival, Leon.

Skill: Gains a shield that absorbs damage, and taunts nearby enemies to attack him for a period time. Taunted enemies cannot return to their castle.

Don’t forget, this is an economy based strategy game. Make sure you keep an eye on your gold collected from continuous battles, there are some really cool in app buys to build upon your armies and hero capabilities.

We rate Game Play a 9/10.

Animation, Graphics and Design

Sweet comic graphics

Castle burn is definitely ‘good looking’ when it comes to design. The medieval theming is addictive, each hero bringing excitement to battle. Look at your heroes before you enter a battle, don’t you want to know if your hero is FIERCE or CHILDISH? Probably not, but it adds life to the story right? Some strategy games really nail the story line through the use of comic strip artwork, or videos. It can be tricky hooking players from a birds eye view in game play, so its important for these style of games to build a story line.


One problem we find with mobile strategy games is the small screen real estate, especially if players have a large base and army. Could you think of a solution to address this? What if we could improve on game play with our birds eye view, i.e. switching between close ups as a Hero dies, creating a balance between focus points would be useful. Just an idea to keep us all thinking.

Its important we give the player a balance between birds eye view and story line. Castle Burn addresses this well, making sure we jump straight back in ‘comic strip’ mode after each battle.

We rate Animation, Graphics and Design a 10/10.


When it comes to strategy Castle Burn is a great game. If you’re hooked on Clash of Clans, then you will be hooked on this one.

Overall we give Castle Burn a 9/10.

Aiming higher on Castle Burn for iPhone

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