Have you ever seen a Fish Swim through Outer-space?

Have you ever seen a Fish Swim through Outer-space?

Today was an interesting day, do you know why? It’s the first day we got to experience a fish swimming through outer space. Yes you heard it correctly, a bizarre concept that works very well. We were hooked after just a few minutes of game play. Have you ever heard of game dev competitions where teams of developers have to build a game from 3 random words in just 48 hours?


Team of developers attending a 48-hour game competition remotely

We attended a similar hackathon way back at University where the challenge was to include the following items into a game – space, watermfish-gameplay2elon and astronaut. Each item had to be incorporated somehow as a main feature in the game play. Unfortunately we didn’t win, as the team who slept the most were able to create a complete multiplayer XBOX game with professionally edited sound engineering in just 48 hours, and sleeping for 12 of them. Amazing right? It was actually quite addictive to. It seems this game followed a similar approach. The key items being space, fish and maybe shells? Either way, sometimes addictive mobile games grab a handful of random items and put them together to make a game.

Game Play

The game play is awesome, and we couldn’t be more proud to say it. You get to move a fish left and right, avoiding items, collecting shells, unlocking more fish, what more could you want? The game concept is no different to any other continuous scrolling level where you build points as the difficulty increases. Halfbrick studios is famous for this style of game. Watch out for planets, crystals, orbs, and a whole lot of other space junk as you build your collection of shells to purchase more items. Oh! And be on the look out for moon crystals…. Yes, moon crystals, because these rare jewels are the items that will buy even more cool stuff from the store.

In between the exciting game play, there is another interesting character known as the Cosmic Clam. Its on a countdown timer that will allow the player to open the clam and reveal 3 pearls to choose from. Pearls normally contain a number of shells (150, 200), some even contain moon crystals, but these are rare.


The cosmic clam giving you the opportunity to choose a pearl.

A combination of addiction, pearls from the Cosmic clam, chasing stars and shells, its left us all wanting more.

We rate the game play at 9/10

Graphics, Animation and Sound

Previously, we have mentioned that music and design are the largest contributing factors to game play, and this game nails it. The colour, OH YES! The colours. Its the type of game that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside (emoji smile goes here). Where the animations and colours get most exciting is the “prizecano” opportunity to claim another fish for your team. When you reach a certain amount of sea shells (normally around 200), we simply select the PRIZES item on the menu below:prizecano

Prizecano giving players the opportunity to claim another fish

Once selected, we throw the current playing fish into the prizecano and shoot it into another form of gameplay – PINBALL. We only have one small criticism here. We would of liked to see the ability for players to play a little pinball, nonethelesuper starfishss, its still cool to layback and watch your fish bounce around like a steel ball. If you’re lucky, your fish will make it all the way to pop a bubble of another character. This means we have the ability to select the new fish for any turn.

One more note to discuss is the intuitive interface. Within seconds of opening the app, you will be playing the game. Small help icons appear once you begin, but buttons and gestures are so intuitive. You really want this style of interface for a mobile game. Mobile gamers usually only spare a minute, two or 5 (or any small amount of time) to play a game on their smartphone before reaching work, or their stop on the train line, so you want to them to jump right on in (an area where Bloons was a little slow).

We rate the Graphics, Animation and Sound 10/10, life doesn’t get better than this…. Or does it?


Drum roll please……………

With a killer gameplay, beautiful design, and intuitive interface, this game rocks. Get on the app store and have a play.

We give the game an overall rating of 9.5/10.

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“Video games are bade for you. That’s what they said about rock-n-roll.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

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