Monkeys and Darts, a Review of Bloons TD 6 on iPhone

Monkeys, darts and balloons (or bloons)

A difficult balance between too many “bloons” means we need monkeys with weapons to wipe them out. Bloons is one of the games that always appears on the front page of the app store, because it is always charting very highly. After doing some research on Think Gaming –, looking at revenue estimates, how is this for daily stats:

Daily Revenue – $20,329

Daily Installs – 4,074

We were shocked at the revenue this game makes on a daily basis, but when you look further into the back story. The Bloons series was first released on the Adobe Flash Platform in 2007. Thats 11 years in the making to generate stats such as these, it has become a very successful running game. Some even call it “one of the best strategy games on the app store”.

We like those odds, so let’s get playing.

Let’s talk about Game Play

Over the series of releases, the game play carries the same principles – TOWER DEFENSE. The key being destroy all the balloons that appear on the level. In Bloons TD 6 players have currency, like experience points which build the more you play. Players can use this currency to purchase monkeys, heroes and abilities, place them in the firing range of balloons, and don’t let any get away.

Place your monkeys and wipe out the balloons

Even though we played this game for a very short amount of time, the one thing we disliked about the game is the waiting. When you first start it is quite boring, placing a handful of monkeys and waiting for the balloons to come and go. It’s like any puzzle game, you place your items and press PLAY, and watch how the puzzle results. It’s a great form of this type of game play, but we did find its slow to start. Even though this game wasn’t really for us, at 4,074 downloads a day, there are millions of other gamers who did grasp the idea.

Why don’t we review this again after we spend some more time because we believe we will be hooked eventually.

Tower Defense, Heroes and Special Abilities.

This is an area we are still exploring, so don’t use this post entirely to make up your mind, we will be doing another to finalise results. Before we talk about this area of game play, let’s read up on what Wikia has to say. HEROES are a new addition to Bloons TD6. They are a series of very powerful towers that have 2 activated abilities. Players may choose one of these heroes for every game.

What about Special Abilities?

SPECIAL ABILITIES made their debut in Bloons Tower Defense 5. They allow towers to perform powerful skills to stop bloons. Some of these effects last 5-15 seconds, and others do something on the screen instantly, like glueing or freezing all bloons on screen.

So we are a little more inclined to keep playing after hearing about these, what do you think?

At this stage we rate game play at a 6/10.

Graphics and Music

Nothing negative to say here, the graphics are 2D, colourful, animated and childish, we love this style.

What about the music?

Combine those childish graphics with bouncy and fun music, you just feel happy whilst playing. Are you smiling yet? Because we are.

Colorful, animated, childish music, now thats feel good gaming.

Music always make a difference, if you don’t like the music, you don’t like game play.

We rate the music and graphics a 9/10.


Overall, the game seems addictive, but we are yet to be addicted. We love the graphics and music, and the idea of heroes and special abilities, meaning we still want to play, so thats good thing right?

We rate the game a 6/10, but…… TO BE CONTINUED.

Youtube Review

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