Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Flies into the Google Play Store


If you’ve been itching for an amazing dog fight in the sky and want to feel the excitement of flying a fighter jet then look no further because Atypical games has released the all new and improved Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders. No, it’s not a gambling game instead it’s where you have to put all your manoeuvring skills into play and  destroy as many enemy planes as you possibly can. It’s not just shoot and explode in this amazing game but you can always play the normal and a bit boring mode where you get to fly the airplane and land it carefully on landing strips scattered across different continents. This is not the first game in the series, Sky Gamblers: Cold War was the first game to debut in this amazing franchise. However, Cold War is only available for iOS devices for now. Storm Raiders, however, has flown directly to the Google Play store.

As you have always wanted, Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders brings you the best dogfighting action on your Android device. You can become the ace pilot of WWII era and protect cities from charging enemy warplanes. Keep your cities and fleet safe from enemy fire and destroy as many enemy structures as you can. You will have plenty of enemy aircrafts to shoot down and/or blow up. The graphics have been created for high-end android phones. All the historical places have been recreated with accurate weather and atmosphere. You will be able to relive the days the classic days of adrenaline pumping action. Not only will you get to experience historical cities but you will also have the ability to fly the most feared and powerful ace planes from the WWII era. You will experience how each fire damages a plane and eventually blow it up into tiny pieces. You can not just fly around in the blazing skies without any skill. You will have to work really hard to dodge enemy fire and destroy them in return fire. You will need quick control and swift manoeuvring to get in the best firing position.

The game offers a great combination of graphics and sounds to give you the most immersive gameplay experience ever. You will be taking off from amazing landing strips and carrier ships and jump right into fast paced action. Best of all, you can go online and play against your friends in different multiplayer modes. You can either play a co-op gameplay where you and your buddies work together to keep your cities safe from enemies or you can turn on each other and shoot each other into pieces in the Last Man Standing mode.

The Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders game is available now on Google Play store for a small price of $0.99, however, the game also offers In-app purchases which will grant you extra fire power and an upper hand in your aerial encounters. If you are looking for a fast paced, aerial action then do give this amazing game a try.


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